Boudin Sourdough S'mores

An updated classic with a San Francisco spin.

One 1 lb. Boudin Sourdough Long
8 oz. Old Fashioned Hammond Marshmallows
Four 2 oz. Guittard Milk Chocolate Bars

Arrange chocolate pieces on 1 slice of bread, leaving about a half inch from the edge (the chocolate melts so it needs the room). Arrange marshmallow pieces on top of the chocolate. Cover with the other slice of bread. Repeat with remaining slices; place on baking sheet. Place in a 500° F oven and toast for about 5 minutes. Carefully (using tongs) turn sandwich over and toast remaining side (chocolate may be somewhat liquid). Remove when bread is lightly toasted and chocolate and marshmallows are melted. Watch closely! Cool briefly and slice into 2 pieces before eating. Careful, chocolate may be hot!

Source: Boudin Bakery


  1. This sounds beyond delicious!! I love bread and chocolate. Toast and Nutella got me through the first three months of my last three pregnancies!!


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