Homemade Root Beer

A Phillips family favorite is homemade root beer. A simple recipe that just about everybody loves! Great when coupled with a few scoops of vanilla ice cream for a good old fashioned treat.
2 ounce bottle of McCormick's root beer concentrate (available at most stores)
5 gallons of cool water
5 pounds of sugar
5 pounds of dry ice
1) We use the good ol' 'orange cooler'. Fill your 5 to 10 gallon container with water. Note: The cooler the water is, the more carbon dioxide from the dry ice will dissolve in the water - resulting in more fizz in your root beer. If using a 5 gallon container, leave several inches of space at the top.
2) Add the sugar, stirring until it's all dissolved.
3) Add the root beer concentrate.
4) Add the dry ice, carefully
Dry ice is extremely cold and must not be allowed to touch bare skin. Wear gloves. The root beer solution will bubble a lot when you add the dry ice, so keep the top of the container loosely covered.
The venting of the container must be monitored carefully. If the vent is too tight, the container will explode. If the vent is completely open, there won't be very much fizz in the root beer because not much carbon dioxide from the dry ice will dissolve in the root beer. Be careful, and then enjoy your fresh root beer.


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