Italian Sodas

Simply Refreshing!

crushed ice
flavoring syrup of choice
club soda
heavy whipping cream
1. Fill tall glass with crushed ice.
2. Add about an inch of flavoring syrup.
3. Pour in club soda to about an inch from the top of the cup.
4. Add a bit of heavy whipping cream.
5. Use straw for both mixing and for drinking the soda. :)
I found a wide variety of flavoring syrups at Cost Plus World Market. You may be able to find a few flavoring syrups at your local grocery stores.


  1. Oh boy! Italian sodas are my all-time favorite beverage! My favorite flavor is Almond. I can find it in sugar-free at Orson Gygi and that makes for a winning shopping trip!

  2. I will have to try this, although I am not a fan of whipping cream, is it just not the same without it?

    Carol Guthrie

  3. These are wonderful... with or without the cream. :) My husband prefers them without the cream.


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