I love my glass jars! I have to admit I like how they look on my counter top. I try to always keep them filled with yummy goodies that also compliment the decor. Silly I know.
But aside from that, I also love how they "welcome" anyone who enters our kitchen. For example... there are a number of my daughter's friends that head straight for the glass jars when they come over. Especially when one is filled with lemon heads. It makes me smile!

I have had these glass jars filled with everything from the green apple licorice, Swedish fish, and cinnamon bears pictured above - to chocolate and nuts, pineapple candies from our trip to Hawaii, peppermint sticks and spice drops during the holidays, and everything in between. My husband will even pick up goodies on occasion to place in the jars (I think it is cute).
It made me sad recently when one of my jars cracked and we had to say goodbye. The two remaining jars seemed sad too. Somewhat unbalanced.
Then, upon my return from a week away at an LDS girl's camp, I found that whatever one of the 2 remaining jars had in it was just too inticing for my 2 year old son. Let's just say the jar didn't make it.
So we are down to one. One lonely jar sitting on my counter top. Today it is filled with remains from our date night movie treats.
Looks like I have a visit to Tai Pan in my near future. :)


  1. I was looking for some recipes and found your blog. I LOVE it!!! Keep up the good work and keep blogging.
    P.S you can find some really cute jars at yard sales if your into that. I love your jars.


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